3 ways to harness the power of Nature to relax, at the RHS Chatsworth Show

We made it to the RHS Chatsworth Garden Show today and had an enjoyable morning looking at all the plants, show gardens and displays.

golden flowers best karen perkins life coach uk sheffield chatsworth rhs garden show 2018.JPG

1 Plan ahead. A large event can be stressful, we ordered the programme with map, by post in advance, found that arriving at 8.30 am would get us near the front of the car park, and we strolled up to the café in the Chatsworth stable block for bacon & egg butties & coffee.  We found out by asking staff , that the gates opened at 9.30 not 10 so we were in and away !! We took a picnic too, so no queueing or expensive food bills.


2 Relax, take your time & just wander. Mindfully enjoy the plants and displays. Don’t keep thinking about the next one. If you want to buy .. get a garden plan and an idea of the shapes/colours you are looking for. Get yourself a trolley … and just go with your gut … the growers in the tents are experts and have some fabulous plants on sale. You can always go visit the nursery after the show. Take pics on your phone and do a montage when you get home to see what your dream garden project.


3 Don’t stay too long ! Less is more. We enjoyed the displays but left when we had finished …so drove back through Baslow, Froggatt and over Longshaw to see the views.


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3 ways to use Nostalgia to manage anxiety


When you feel anxious or are stressed about something take 5 minutes out to tap into the healing power of Nostalgia.

1 Close your eyes … imagine a place or time when you felt happy, safe, free & in the moment. Maybe when you were a child , on a hot sandy beach paddling & sniffing the sea breeze or vinegar on hot chips.

2 Try & recall all the activities you enjoyed, remember the smells & tastes .. cheese and onion crisps , candy floss maybe . Visualise the scenery , recall happy or inspiring conversations . The smell of cut grass takes me back to warm, relaxing summer days.

3 Savour the moment, give yourself a hug or squeeze your hands , tell yourself how much you enjoyed remembering …. and open your eyes . come slowly back into today & take that happy feeling with you.

Please do share your favourite nostalgic places & how they make you feel.

Best wishes


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5 Ways to spot a Puffin

We had an amazing trip to Bridlington, to see the Hockney May flowers … however they were late blooming so we went in search of seabirds, especially the feisty #puffin. We cruised on the Yorkshire Belle , along the coast to Flamborough Head & Bempton Cliffs.


Here are some photos of the trip. We also visited the top of the cliffs the next day, and paddled in Thornwick Bay…where we accidentally spotted a pair of puffins !!  You can

1 see their bright orangey/red legs and feet.

2 see their triangular beaks

3 watch them splashing their red legs as they paddle the water on take off

4 spot them sneaking into a hole in the cliffs & peeking out

5 listen for their growly call


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Cakes from the famous Chefs with Sheffield Underground Cake Club

Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club has become Underground Cake Club as the lovely founder of CCC , Lynn has decided to re retire away from all the stressful admin of running such a fab organisation. CCC is continuing via a Facebook group. Details via Karen Perkins

We met at Walkley Library , as part of Sheffield food festival fringe. Annes cake was Jamie Olivers Tarte Di Nonna . Its a variety of Tuscan Grape cake, with no alcohol , and with the small red sweet grapes replaced by blueberries. It was made with butter, olive oil, flour, eggs plus orange and lemon zest. You put most of the blueberries into the batter, then after 15 minutes in the oven, pop on the rest of the blueberries . #yummy

Sarah & Karens cakes were a #selfie ..by Chef Sarah & Chef Karen … in support of women chefs !! Sarah make an exam proof easy peasy lemon drizzle cake ..still warm.


Karen made a double chocolate & raspberry cake with chocolate ganache .


Do join us at Underground cake club !!


Join us …do contact me at www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk

A peek into Open Up Sheffield Open Studios

The biggest open studio event outside London !! We managed to visit 2 new workspaces and a few familiar ones … First off to Trafalgar Studios upstairs high above Trafalgar Warehouse ( next to Corp ) ..a brilliant space for events & exhibitions. Anja Uhren , Annette Griffiths, Katie Edge Mellor, Wandering Beasts , plus lots of artists, jewellers & creatives.


I made a promise to myself that I would buy at least one proper real Sheffield Artist painting every year so now I have found my first one for 2018. Its by Annette !! #thankyou If you think what you might spend on clothes, posh outdoor gear …why not get a real painting !! Be brave …I actually saw one she did last year at Bank St , bought a postcard instead of the actual painting …then regretted it !! This year …. I saw one that resonated again …and actually #justboughtit #yay . Its the one I didn’t buy … re -appeared . I am now looking for the Men with Rhubarb one I saw at Art in the Gardens last year …can anyone help me locate it ?

Next off to the Replicast  Studios on East Bank Rd opp Hells Kitchen Diner …. fabulous premises … old office building ..brilliant views . 18 visual practitioners … here are just a few

Their website says “Replicast Studios are a voluntary lead group.
Steve Oxley MD & Jennifer Booth Creative Director
Nelly Naylor | Anna Smithies | Mark Wrigley | Zoyander Street | IOP | Jordanna Farrimond | Mason Kane Thomas | Charlie Barnes | Saskia Palmer | Rebecca Litchfield | Martin Jones | Jenson Grant | Richard Bolam | Tracey Holland | Stacey Sampson

#fabulous …came away with a 3D print rocket from Mark Wrigley. Plus one of Saskias cards. Who was the artist with the wonderful Mountain paintings  …see easel .


Lots more to see ..off to Exchange Works on Bank Holiday Monday Karen Davies … Peak district , Scottish highlands inspired , beautiful colours.
Every year we see something new and different … get out & see some real Sheffield Art … then buy real art !!
Best wishes Karen

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A week of Sheffield Art with Paulette Falcidia

I met Paulette at 35 Chapel Walk gallery when I popped in last week. She has a brilliant exhibition, sadly it was the last day, but you can see some of the pieces here . She is also looking for a mahoosive space to display her large Board Game wall pieces ..any board games companies or cafes, or events organisers ? Here is a link to her website . Her pieces in Ticket to the Unknown make you think & rethink …then ask questions ….

Here are some of Paulettes words from the exhibition …about how she comes to these works

Chapel walk Paulette Falcidia introChapel walk Paulette Falcidia intro 2

Looking forward to hearing where she will exhibit next. Check out her amazing Assemblages #whoknew Brilliant.

I’m off to OpenUp Sheffield for my next post .

Keep creating    Best Wishes Karen


Spring Cakes … baking with the Archer Project in Sheffield

Sheffield CCC baked Spring Cakes for The Archer Project in Sheffield Cathedral 1554 Cafe
April 21, 2018 4:15 pm | By Karen Join Sheffield Clandestine cake club & bake with us to relax.
Today Sheffield CCC bakers baked Spring Cakes with donations to the Sheffield Archer Project We met Emily Bowes from the project in Café 1554 .

Delicious Spring cakes .

Top left Carolyns Japanese Cherry Blossom Citrus cake with fresh lemon and buttercream frosting . Lemon and lime drizzle. Next Dannis Lemon Elderflower & Mascarpone Cream Layer cake.
Middle Annes Rhubarb & Orange Drizzle cake with semolina & buttermilk. Bottom Right Karens Poached Rhubarb Syrup sponge cake with Rhubarb Syrup & ground almonds.
The Archer Project supports local Homeless people. They have dedicated medical staff, training, computer access & postal address support. They work with people to help them move confidently into voluntary, then paid work. The Just Works scheme runs contract work to provide employment opportunities. Printed by us works with Sheffield Artists and trains people to print & run creative businesses . Kickback Recovery helps support people recovering from addiction.
Thanks for hosting and explaining all about the project.
Our next event is Sat 26th May Cakes from famous Chefs Cookbooks. 10.30 til 12.30 … books for sale too. Plenty of space so guests welcome. Leave time to park …on street parking , but not directly outside venue. Any questions please contact Karen 07971881251


It’s Christmas in Sheffield my Deer !
In “Sheffield”

Isle of Man – Spring has Sprung
In “Isle of Man”