Ginger Cakes Virtually in Sheffield

Sheffield Underground Cake Club meets every month to bake to a theme in a secret location. For the last 4 months we have met virtually by Zoom to be safe. This weekend we were very excited to be able to meet socially distanced in a large garden. Sadly we had to fall back on Zoom as it was chucking it down. Ah well , we had a fab time but everyone missed being able to taste all the cakes. Hopefully we will finally meet again in real life on Sat 22nd August with a new theme …watch out for updates .

Ginger Cakes was the theme because our host Clare has 2 lovely ginger cats. They joined us on Zoom. Here are our cakes !

cake club zoom ginger

My cake was a ginger & lemon sponge. Made with fresh chopped ginger, powdered ginger & lemon zest in the sponge, filled with homemade rhubarb & ginger jam. Topped with lemon icing & organic redcurrants from my @regather fruit box. Chopped ginger makes for a very moist sponge … chop it fine !!

Vicky made a Lemon and ginger cake with crystallised ginger, ginger pwder and mixed spice Topped with lemon water icing.

Carolynn made a ginger sponge with treacle , ginger powder , stem ginger topped with lemon water icing. That’s icing made with icing sugar & fresh lemon juice.

Sian made a cake with any ingredients she had in the house. A sort of ginger tres leches cake . Ginger powder, crystallised ginger , evaporated milk and vanilla cream topping.

Clare made a Mary Berry Sticky Ginger Cake. As usual with MB cakes it was #ginormous and made for sharing. Warm & stodgy made from butter ,treacle, syrup,milk & eggs & 8oz of flour. By the time the Zoom had started she had already given chunks away to a volunteer delivery person & a neighbour…socially distanced of course.

We talked about baking in lock down & how we were finding it, who’s returning to work when. Its been a brilliant support through lockdown & we cant wait to meet up again.

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Best wishes Karen …

karen ginger cake

Cheesecakes in Lockdown Sheffield Underground Cake Club

We met online for a lovely Saturday afternoon virtual cake club. 5 bakers plus one baking via whatsapp ( that was Anne !) met up on zoom, baking to the theme of Cheese cakes … dairy or vegan.  Here are the descriptions of our cakes … all eaten at safe social distancing . Our next meeting will be in real life , actually socially distancing in Clares garden on Sat 18th July on a theme of  “A little bit Ginger ”

Anne made a lemon & raspberry baked cheesecake . #atotalsuccess and kept it at home to eat with her family !!

anne Cheesecake 27.6.20

Dave made a tomato, basil, olive & mozarella cake. Made with his own wholemeal home ground flour. It looked delicious. With cream cheese & olive toppings , its from by Giles. Dave replaced the 2 tomatos with half a can of chopped tomatoes for ease. Everyone thought it looked delicious , look at the smiling faces … we are all missing our live tastings !!

cake club dave and faces Cheesecake

dave mozarella basil tomato olive cake 27 6 20

Carolynn made a No Base Baked Lemon cheesecake, half quantities & in a baking dish , served by the spoonful with fruit coulis on the top . Very virtuous , sour cream, cream cheese, lemon & poppy seeds . There were no poppy seeds in the shop so it was just lemon this time !! Sorry no photo today.

I made chocolate baked individual cheescakes , I meant to do Vanilla lemon ones but had no cornflour in the house so added cocoa as a replacement to thicken. Chocolate & Yorkshire cream cheese is delicious. The base was bashed ginger chocolate rounds with butter . I baked the mix of cream cheese, sugar, egg yolk, vanilla, cocoa, whisked egg white for 35 minutes and left to cool in the oven. Then overnight to cool in the fridge . We all agreed cheesecakes were best made the day before . I used a recipe from the 80’s in the Katie Stewart Times Calendar cookbook… i find it good to cook sustainably as it suggests recipes to use seasonal ingredients.

choc cheesecake 27 6 20

Vicky made a Gloucester Pear & Cheddar cake, with grated cheddar, ground almonds and cooking pears ( hard pears ?). It was from and was sweet even though it had cheese in. I missed the photo many apologies.

Clare made a baked Luscious lemon cheesecake , with raspberries from the garden on top. Very unhealthy but great for your mental health & yummy. Clare recommends you bake the night before so the cheesecake is cool & set . Leave it in the oven to cool before popping in the fridge .

clare cake club 27.6.20

Join our next event 18th July 3-5 , bring your own mug, plate, chair … and pop your cake , presliced in a sealed container so we can safely share them distanced from a central table. No pressure to eat anything but your own . Address will come via the Group to to your private messenger !!

We had a fabulous famous baker like out tweets !!
cherish liked cake club

August 22nd at Daves house …theme to be agreed 3-5
Then Oct 17th, Nov 21st, Dec 12th themes & venues TBC and subject to #stayingsafe & how lockdown progresses. We always have zoom to fall back on !!

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Best wishes   Karen

Self Care cakes with Sheffield Underground Cake Club

Our second virtual cake club today …still weird in lockdown but people are keen to bake . Here we are with our cakes. Our next meeting is at Zoom on Sat 27th June 3-4 … Lary Dairy Savoury Cakes .

My cake was a cacao sponge with Creme fraiche Oatly, glucose instead of sugar . Cacao is not cocoa but from the Amazon. Chocolate makes me happy. The organic blueberries from my REGather veg box made it healthy !

Carolynn made a giant butterfly bun to make you happy . It had buttercream and jam in the middle .

Clare made use of her condensed milk to make millionaires short bread . The recipe was from Cadburys Simply Chocolate cook book . Trad recipe … Big treat. Eddie made the caramel . Some had already disappeared by the time we started .

Vicky made dark Choc and raspberry cake made for coffee time , frozen raspberries and chopped chocolates and flaked almonds, dense sunk to bottom . US site Sally’s baking addiction.

Ann made her Uplifting Pear and Yoghurt cake … A pot of natural yoghurt …. Put pot of yoghurt in a bowl and use the pot to measure other ingredients , wholemeal flour, sunflower oil, lots of baking powder , chopped pear ..serve with runny honey. From the French blog

Sian has made lots of cakes and chocolate log … We saw the last vestiges of it … It looked delicious. She gave us some tips on Zoom backgrounds.

Dave would have made Mary Berrys sultana and orange cake …..Clare found the recipe in her book with icing on top.

We then had a lovely chat about how we were finding lockdown. 

1 Where can you get flour ?  Lots of tips

Corner shops and one stop shops have flour. Down to Earth have flour SharrowVale Vale Road plus Saturday morning the Unwrapped shop , plus Just Natural on Crookes . Ranmoor deli selling fresh yeast. Dave made sourdough starter, then froze it . Vickys friend sent her 9 kg of bread flour.Tesco selling bagged up strong flour.Another place M and S have stuff. Loads of choice .

2 Where does Google maps say your most visited place is in the lockdown. Clare’s said Sainsburys !!

3 Where are people doing their shopping ? Dave recommends a Milkman from Manchester …. Splosh sell eco friendly detergents … , they recycle the packaging

4 Can you claim expenses back from work if you work at home ? You should be able to claim additional expenses back. Be careful if home

Use Martyn Lewis … Moneysaving Expert .

Line rental saver. Plusnet.

5 When do I Hoover the house ….

Where do you work ?

6 How do we move forward after lockdown ?

7 What do universities do with their money ? Universities spend most of the money on the course and staff. They are self funding from about 5 years ago when Gvt reduced central funding .

What will happen to students …. Bursaries for students .

What do we actually need to buy in future ?

8 Make a plan for your future food stock cupboard

Our next meeting is at Zoom on Sat 27th June 3-4 … Lary Dairy Savoury Cakes . Contact me Karen Perkins for your Zoom Log in

Virtual Bake Off with Sheffield Underground Cake Club

We might be locked down and staying at home ( between going to NHS & other key roles) but you can’t stop the baking spirit. So at 3pm on Sat 18th April we all met up on Zoom with our cakes . The theme was Cakes in a Mug … hopefully using minimum ingredients and giving us ideas for new quick cakey snacks.

Here are all the members !! Ready with their cakes hidden below the screen !!Zoom cake club 18.4.20

Clare can be seen making her cake live . It was so popular she had to make 2 more for her son & husband !! She used choc chips & fudge , that’s what happens when you only visit a supermarket very infrequently, plus cocoa, sugar,egg, milk & oil. She recommends a large mug, to allow for expansion plus cover with cling film with a little hole pierced in it.

I made 3 types , as I used a mix of 1 egg, 2 oz vegan marge, 2 oz sugar & self raising flour. It was from 30 year old Sharp Microwave Cookery book . Plus baking powder & vanilla essence. Plus a tablespoon of milk or soya milk as microwave cakes tend to need more moisture. I divided the mix between 3 mugs. The first one was chopped banana, pistachios & honey . The second my partners homemade Rhubarb and Ginger compote . The third was chocolate chunks with chopped bananas.

The finished cakes didn’t look particularly aesthetic but tasted delicious . I ate the banana & chocolate one the next day , warmed up with hot custard poured on top.

cake club finished mug cakes karen perkins life coach uk

Bernie made a Dalek cake with berry and white chocolate drops in it. She turned it out of the mug and coated it with melted chocolate. She recommended a small silicon Lakeland chocolate melter for small quantities . The cake too 2 mins 30 secs in the microwave.

Carolynn made a Gingerbread cake from Biggerbolderbaking . No eggs required and all mixing & prep done in the mug. She converted the US measures into UK ones. The blog has a mix of sweet & savoury cakes. It took 1 min 20 secs to cook…but like some of the other mug cakes it shrank but tasted delicious. This is the website I used and her variety of recipes – I made the ‘Gingerbread mug cake’ –

Vicky made a few trial cakes from BBC Good Food website. Dividing one egg into 2 and made a cinnamon cake, then a snickerdoodle , she tried buttermilk instead of egg. Then she made a chocolate cake from Table for 2 blog. It only took 1 min 10 seconds to cook. The higher the sugar content the quicker it cooks .…/
That’s the recipe I used – probably the best out of the 3 I tried!

Dave cake was made after lots of different experiments   Check them out on Sheffield Underground Cake Club FB page 

His final version was a lime and carob …using half quantities it was still massive , really for 2 !! The issues with the previous ones were over expanding cake filling the microwave !! Plus a spice cake that came out like a bullet even the birds wouldn’t touch it !! Dave has also gone all You Tube and cooked up an online cookery lesson.  He said ” My first attempt at an online baking lesson. It’s the Sheffield Sustainable Gooseberry Cake I did for the Sustainable Cakes at Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens in Jan 2020. I don’t think Delia Smith needs to worry about competition just yet!!!!  ”

Anne sent her apologies and a photo of her cake anyway !! ” this is my sticky date and toffee cake in a cup. Not made the toffee sauce yet!x ”
ann S cake

We had a long discussion about getting through the Lockdown and tips to cope…here are some useful ones 🙂

  • Don’t dump the local shop who has been helping you through this crisis
  •  People felt that they were not clock watching & they were trying out lots of creative things & connecting with friends and family more.
  •  Eating more healthily
  •  Working from home brought different anxieties and pressures.
  •  Being confined to home made people think about accesibilty for all events and locations for people with disablities.
  •  Make a list of things you have learned and want to take forward so you dont backtrack
  •  People said they wanted to go for a curry or a meal again & do hugging !!
  •  Masks will be important we all felt.
  •  Sticking to the new social distancing …and finding out how events etc may change in the early days . #staysafestayhome
  •  Thanks ( & decent recognition and pay ) going forwards to all the key workers. There will be a need to secure proper jobs for those who lost them, took up delivery etc …and then face being sidelined again as people go back to supermarket shopping.

Join our next VIRTUAL CAKE CLUB Sat 23rd May   #Selfcare Cakes …make the cake that makes you and your cake scoffers feel really uplifted and happy !! 3 till 4   Ask me to send the Zoom login via Facebook 

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5 Ways to Stay Positive on a Furlough

5 ways to stay positive on a Furlough

1 Remember it’s NOT your fault, and its great that your employer wants to keep you for the future.

2 Be kind to yourself…take a mini break at home initially to get your head round the idea, tidy your home & pamper yourself. Plan some fake holiday breaks over the next few months when you can really relax and do nothing #guiltfree . Exercise.

spring david hockney

Thanks to David Hockney

3 Start a Furlough Journal …on one side write down tour thoughts & feelings day by day as you go along. Its great to be able to look back over the months & see your journey & how well you coped despite everything. On the other a to do list as you go along, plus big ticks .

4 Make a list of the skills & training you
– must do to improve your current job performance ( #behonest )
– could do to get you to the next grade or promotion
– might do just for fun eg plan a new business or learn to code or do watercolours … #supermotivating
– get your CV & LinkedIn updated with all your furlough skills !!
– Volunteer ….

5 Get a weekly & daily routine … weekends off but exercise & purpose, maybe a Thursday Jim Jams morning . A daily routine plus a menu plan improves mental health. Limit your social media…save the links for work issues…then work on them away from temptation.

6 Make a plan of how you are going to gracefully re-enter the workplace. List any positive feedback for your employer, thank them, have a plan of how you can ask for an appraisal shortly after return so you can showcase all your new skills & ideas … ready for an enhanced role …or to nimbly step into your dream role if exciting new ones emerge or you face any restructuring #beprepared

If you need a chat or any support through this difficult time I offer free sessions & CoachNowPayLater too #justask

Karen Perkins is a Career Business & Life Coach in Sheffield coaching globally online .

She’s often found walking on White Edge or talking on Radio Sheffield between coaching & helping Cavendish Cancer Care on the Sheffield Cancer Information Hub … ( re-opening when the Moor Market returns) & currently a virtual service .

Boots white edge 1.12.19

Sustainable cakes with Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens

We had a lovely Sheffield Underground Cake Club hosted by Zoe & Rob of Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens . They gave a us a talk about the history of the business & the materials they use.  Recycled plastic worktops in a range of colours, recycled glass worktops & even leather style compressed paper surfaces …fabulous. Many thanks . We tried to be mindful of the carbon footprint of our cakes & baking processes. Really interesting ! Plus lots of tips shared .

Anne made a  Tender Blueberry Alpro recipe … cheesecake base … Mandarin and blueberry .Sponge with Alpro plain soya yoghurt , sunflower oil & egg yolks …then fold in whisked egg whites . It came out with a delicious baked cheesecake style top.


Dave  baked a Sheffield sustainable Gooseberry cake. He used local products Whirlow farm eggs & butter , Sheffield Honey Company honey. Sheffield grown wheat milled into flour in the Kenwood Food processor . Nothing has come further than 5 miles. Gooseberries from the back garden , frozen for use over winter. He used his grans cake tin.

Vicky made a light Chocolate & sour cream sponge cake with coconut & choclate frosting & raspberry jam filling.  She googled Low Energy use cakes & found this Ainsley Harriot low energy cake … 12p energy costs … to make !

DSC00083 Chocolate, raspberry sustainable cakes underground cake club karen perkins life coach uk club

Clare tried to use locally sourced ingredients & fridge leftovers plus some marzipan from Xmas . She bought no new ingredients except Beanies ( a local wholefood shop in Walkley) near her house, where she bought Suma glacé cherries and almonds. Flour from her existing  storecupboard. Cooked by solar panel , as they have solar panels on their house, which generate electricity.

Google how much it costs for different ovens to cook a cake. Most sites say Electric ovens and cookers use fewer units of energy than gas, however, gas models will still be cheaper to run, as they cost less per unit of energy than electric models. Cook other food at the same time as your cakes , make best use of the oven.

I made a vegan, gluten free Passion fruit & Chocolate cake .
All ingredients were from my home fridge or store cupboard. I replaced eggs with 300ml of unsweetened soya milk with a tablespoon of cider vinegar stirred in . The flour was Dove Farm GF …but next time I will add more moisture to the mix as GF flour tend to make a crumbly drier cake.

Zoe from Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens baked a Yorkshire Tea fruit cake using up cupboard items. To reduce the carbon footprint she used butter and eggs from her milkman , baked in her  grans cake tin.

Clare suggests dishes & cakes cooked at same time in 1 oven saves energy. Dave cooks breakfast in the oven, beans in the actual opened tin … . We talked about how difficult it is to work out the footprint …but being mindful when you start looking for a recipe , can help . If you want vegan foods … a good site is the Accidental vegan .

Join us for our next event Sat 22nd Feb Antipodean Cakes … venue & time to follow

Best wishes    Karen
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Sweet Shop Favourites become delicious cakes in Sheffield

We had a festive meeting hosted by Poptastic Dave & Hilda the cat. Choc a block with festive decorations Dave made us very welcome. Our Sheffield Underground Cake Club theme for December was Sweet Shop favourites. Have a cakey Christmas .

Anne cooked a Chocolate Lime Cake. She used 10 limes between 4 in the cake sponge, 2 for the buttercream filling & 3 for the chocolate ganache topping, plus one for grating on top.  . It was deeply chocolatey and very limey !! The recipe is from the BBC Good Food website #recommended. To make the chocolate topping she heated cream gently with dark chocolate plus Lime juice & lime zest & 2.5 tablespoons of lime marmalade .

DSC00018 Chocolate lime cake Karen perkins life coach uk sheffield

Dave made a Revels cake . It was a rich chocolate cake with hidden secrets . The chocolate cake was a BeRo recipe weigh 3 eggs and add the same weight of flour, sugar, cocoa & butter .

He made 4 holes in the sponge with a cutter. He hade a sultana muffin, an orange rind muffin, a strong coffee muffin & finally a cinder toffee muffin. He dropped them into the holes & covered the whole lot with chocolate ganache.

DSC00017 Revels cake Karen perkins life coach uk sheffield

I made a Sherbet Fountain Cake. The fountains sadly no longer come in paper containers, but are sherbet & Liquorice in a plastic pot that looks like the old one.  I made a swiss roll from BBC Good food website . Follow the instructions carefully & it’s easy. When the roll had cooked, I removed the baking paper then put the sponge back on it, plus a sheet on the top. I rolled the warm roll up with a clean tea towel & left rolled up to cool ready for filling. The filling was lemon curd to give the sherbet taste … plus whipped cream. On the top I sprinkled a dusting of actual sherbet. The liquorice stick finished it off.

DSC00016 Sherbet fountain cake Karen perkins life coach uk sheffield

Here are the insides !!

Our next dates are

Sat 25th Jan       Sustainable Cakes   cakes with the lowest Carbon Footprint
Sat 22nd Feb
Sat 18th April
Sat 23rd May
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Happy New Year & see you in 2020 !!

Cakes that make you go Oooooo (not ew)

Sheffield Underground Cake Club were hosted by the brilliant Cafe called Coffee Boo on Middlewood Road next to Hillsboro corner . Our theme was cakes that people have been yummily surprised by .

Anne made a  Sticky Toffee Banoffee cake. She’d made it a few times & everyone has always said how nice it is. We agree.  Even someone who didn’t usually any like cake said ” it was out of this world “. She made a sponge & added mashed banana and milk to it to moisten it. The filling & topping was caramel carnation milk mixed with whipped double cream. #delicious


Carolynn made a vanilla ice cream drop, piñata rainbow cake. The sponge removed to create the pinyatta allowed her to add the ice cream blob . Covered with a White Chocolate ganache, she added pink colouring to the ganache to make the drips. She practiced on a cup before icing the cake. She had been given a set of 5 small cake tins to specifically make a rainbow cake .. so you can cook all the layers at the same time. Lakeland sell them or maybe ask Carolyn for a sustainable lend !

Raheel made a flourless, salted Chocolate and Pretzel cake, from a Donna Haigh recipe. He explained that he whipped the egg whites to peaks. He mixed the yolks into hot melted Choc then added in the egg whites with a metal spoon ( essential to ensure no loss of aeration) The cake is flourless ! Top with pretzels. The texture was like a mousse/squishy brownie.

Dave made a  White Chocolate Coconut Fig and Almond cake . Invented when he created  a different cake each day for a school during their Ofsted inspection. They must have got #outstanding He added sugar lump sized cubes of marzipan, cloves ,cardamom & flaked almonds. The topping was cream cheese melted white chocolate and coconut milk. Topped with sliced figs ..a great healthy way to add a design touch to a cake.


I made a Cardamom Spice Cake . I soaked the raisins in boiling water & dark rum, but alcohol free would be just as delicious. I added ground ginger, cinnamon, mixed spice & light brown sugar to the sponge mix. Then added in the drained fruit, with a little flour to stop it sinking to the bottom of the cake. The topping was butter, icing sugar & ground cardamom powder , around 1 – 1.5 teaspoons. It makes a great frosting. Topped with roast hazelnuts. You could add crystallised or fresh ginger instead of ginger powder.

Here are the inside views of our cakes :

Thanks to Maria, Mo & MJ at Coffee Boo. They had a delicious menu & the lattes arrived in beautiful large cups !

Our next meeting dates :
Sat 14th Dec       Sweet Shop Favourites
Sat 25th Jan
Sat 22nd Feb
Sat 18th April
Sat 23rd May
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Autumn Cakes : Feeling #Autumnish with Sheffield Underground Cake Club

We were beautifully hosted by Gerrys Bakery in Walkley, Sheffield today. Fabulous coffee, local produce & cheeses, breads & pastries baked on the premises, plus baking courses. 6 bakers & their cakes arrived & were introduced to all his customers ! DSC09962 Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Here are our cakes

DSC09945 Plum hazelnut choc cake Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Karens Hazlenut, Plum & Dark chocolate Cake. Has ground hazlenut & chopped plums in the sponge , plus vegan chocolate pieces. I used a pestle & mortar to grind the hazelnuts so they were rough chopped but it gave a great flavour. I kept back 4 plums & halved them to top the cake before baking , followed by 2 tablespoons of whole hazelnuts.  From the BBC Good Food website . It’s an all in one cake so very easy & tastes even better the next day. I will certainly make this again & also try other fruits.

DSC09948 Streusel Clare Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Clares Mincemeat & Almond Streusel . Good for New Year as it uses up left over mincemeat, orange juice & brandy.

DSC09949 Honey cake Sian Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Sians Honey cake is from James Martins French Trip programme. All in one cake, which you ice with honey icing whilst still warm, to give a sort of mirror glaze.

DSC09954 Carolynn Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Carolynns Toffee Apple Crumble cake with custard buttercream . This cake had 2 different sponge layers. The base cake has apple & brown sugar topping, the top cake has apples chopped in & topped with crumble topping. Tip the cake..including the centre before putting the filling in !! Delicious filling tho.

DSC09951Raheel Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Raheels Sticky Toffee cake was from the Thermomix Cookbook. This is a gadget for all in one cooking. He mixed butter, dark muscovado sugar eggs etc for the toffee sponge. The toffee butter cream was for the coating & 4 layers of filling. The toffee sauce was made from double cream, muscovado & butter. It made a delicious toffee puddle round the cake.

DSC09952 Dave whole Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Dave made a Toffee Apple Hazelnut Cake . It had some mystery ingredients ..Duck eggs & smoked sea salt. He used buttermilk to raise the cake … but doesn’t advise that as it overrose from the trays !! It took 2.5 hours to cook but tasted savoury, sticky & delicious.

Here are the insides & cakey evidence


Join us for our next events
Sat Nov 23rd         Cakes that Make you go OOOOh !!
Sat Dec 14th          Sweetshop Favourites   for our festive Underground cake Club.
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Deliciously Decorated by Sheffield Underground Cake club

At the weekend we met up for our cake club at Drew Décor Store on Ecclesall Road at Banner Cross . We were hosted by interiors expert & cake lover Suzanne Drew. Our cakes were inspired by the beautiful wallpapers . We believe this is the worlds first cake & wallpaper pairing event. We ate most of the evidence. Many thanks to Suzanne who was a marvellous host providing lashings of tea & lemonade.

DSC09882 Misty cake Drews décor

Here are our pairings:

Karen made a sugarfree Lemon, matcha & cardomom cake with poached lemon slices to match the citrus wallpaper , plus sharp lemon syrup to drizzle over the top.

DSC09863DSC09864 Karen perkins life coach lemon cake

Dave designed a bespoke tin of paint cake called  Drewlux in hommage to the paint displays & R Drew Decorator. A rich fruit cake from his  BeRo cookbook, a family heirloom. It had sultanas, ginger& glace cherries. 2 cakes sandwiched together with lemon curd. With fondant icing & ready to use writing icing paint drips. The letters were cut with toyshop letters.

DSC09869 Karen perkins life coach paint tin cake drews cake


DSC09868 Karen perkins life coach underground cake club

Anne made a delicious fresh raspberry cake. It’s a Raspberry Velvet cake, made with American measurements . She added buttermilk, and fresh raspberries . The icing had fresh raspberries in it with icing sugar & butter.

DSC09878 Raspberry cake Karen perkins life coach

Vicky made a delicious Flower themed Victoria sponge with 3 layers sandwiched with jam, and covered with lemon butter cream under fondant icing. On the fondant icing she drizzled candy melts to show the petals as drips. Candy melts are coloured buttons melted in the microwave. She made the petals on greaseproof paper & rolled them around a rolling pin to shape them.

DSC09881Karen perkins life coach Vicky cake with wallpaper


Here are the cakey interiors and a photo of my new patented Sheffield Cake knife which I found at the Nether Edge Yard Sale trail in Sheffield.

Next we have some of the lovely wallpaper on show …

DSC09865Karen perkins life coach orange wallpaperDSC09867 Karen perkins life coach pink wallpaperDSC09873 Trees Karen perkins life coach cakeDSC09880 for Vicky flower cake drews decor

Once again thanks to Suzanne …. if you like the cakes join us

Sat 19th Oct
Sat 23rd Nov
Sat 14th Dec       Follow us on Facebook

Suzanne is holding a talk with Cole & Sons from London follow the link

Check out “An evening with Cole & Son about their history & their latest collection” @EventbriteUK

Karen Perkins is a Life , Business & Career coach who runs Sheffield Underground Cake club.