Cakes from Asia

Cakes of Asia with latest news from Nepal

Jude hosted us, fresh back from a month volunteering at a school in rural Nepal. She talked about life there with lots of pictures & some organic fresh Nepalese ginger . We had 6 cakes from all over Asia. All served up with Nepali Black tea. Fabulous cakes and fabulous speaker !

1 Annes Chinese 5 Spice cake with apple and walnuts , Fennel, star anise, cloves, pepper and cinnamon. Made with oil instead of butter. ” Alysons Chineses Bakery Chiffon cake . Adapted as usually steamed . Made with eggs and coconut oil .Butter icing with coconut. Mountain peaks to represent the high Himalayas .

3 Dannis Lime and Lychee Bundt from Thailand. Juice from 2 limes & the lychees plus zest in the bundt, plus yoghurt. Fresh lychees in the middle. 4 Sarahs Gingerbread Chai tea cake …still warm from the oven.

5 Karens Green Matcha Tea cake with white chocolate Ganache topping. Ground matcha tea plus Matcha tea syrup infusion dripped into the cake 6 Vickis Pandan Chiffon cake . Made with bright green extract of Pandan a Malaysian leaf , that has a nutty flavour & green colour. Made with coconut oil.

Here are the insider photos .

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Cakes from Sheffield with a Latin Flava

Hosted by the lovely Mexican /Peruvian restaurant & café Pachamama 7 bakers plus guest tucked into a range of yummy cakes from Latin America. The Tres Leches cake was popular , we had 3 very different versions of the sweet sponge soaked in condensed milk, cream, evaporated milk & whole milk in different combos with different toppings .

Sheffield Cake Club in action
Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club in action 2


7 cakes & 8 eaters !

Here are the cakes !

Pastela de Tres Leches Delicious tho a bit unusual looking !
Tres Leches Cake by Dani
Zingy Lime & chocolate Drizzle from Liz
Dolce De Leche Cake by Karen W
Mango Pinatta Cake by Carolyn
Espresso Chocolate Chilli cake by Anne
Tres leches cake No 3 by Sarah

One of our cakes had a secret surprise centre

Pinyatta secret filling #skilltles
Espresso choc chilli

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Walking in a Winter Wildscape

Today we walked 9 miles through the fresh snow, from the edge of Sheffield, up through Whirlow and out to Houndkirk & Ox Stones. The landscape was almost eerily black and white, with smudges & sprigs of green. It looked like the Ansel Adams American photographer, but above Sheffield . We are so lucky to have such beautiful countryside & wildness , just a bus ride or walk from Sheffield. To book a coaching walk , please contact me via my website


Baking Yule Logs in Sheffield

We had a fab array of Yule Logs from Sheffield Clandestine Cake club members, to celebrate Christmas & the solstice !!

Sian made a dark choc & raspberry yule log. She advised us to take the paper off whilst the cake is warm. Sponge is made with dark chocolate ganache, cream and raspberries in middle.


Clares Lemon & Almond Meringue Roulade . Toasted flaked almonds on top. She had help with the whisking from 13 year old son so the cream filling was #firm.


Karen W’s White chocolate Christmas Yule ..with cinnamon that tasted like coconut plus hedgerow jelly. Karen W said it was an ordinary sponge with cinnamon … Advises vanilla instead …. Was to be cranberry sauce inside but substituted it for homemade hedgerow jelly inside . Cream and White Choc with mascarpone coating .


Annes Delicious Mint Chocolate Yule with chocolate chips & peppermint butter cream. She said that her Chocolate and peppermint Paul Hollywood recipe …cracked a lot. She suggested next time, train it whilst it’s warm. Then unroll and fill . Don’t leave till cool as it will crack. Some members had 2 goes to avoid cracking.Take paper off, and roll with damp tea towel or grease proof with little bit of icing sugar.



Carolyns Chocolate snowflake log. Lemon and lime lemon curd and cream . Topping white chocolate ganache …. #yummy with chocolate reindeer.



Ruths delicious Monster Yule log, so called because someone had #borrowed her swiss roll tin & she had to use a larger one !! She built it with 2 different swiss rolls interlocked .

Sarahs yule log was from Baking Heaven magazine …. Chocolate meringue Yule log with whipped cream and melted chocolate.


Karen P’s Chocolate Log..from a Delia recipe for squidgy swiss roll, made with 6 egg yolks whisked with castor sugar, organic cocoa then 6 peaky egg whites folded in. Filling was chocolate cream ganache with dried cranberries, plus blobs of whipped cream . Very easy to make .
#scrumptious We all had full tins of samples to take home !
The next 2 dates are
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Sat 24th Feb A taste of Asia … with special guest
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Walking high in the Berwyns #Wales

We had a fab break in Llangynog , 12 miles from Bala. We walked 8 miles up to Cadair Berwyn, 2730 feet up from Pistyll Rhaeader. The weather was perfect despite it being late October.



We walked 8 miles from the waterfall, up a beautiful green valley side path, then steeply up the edge of a Cwm and a little lake. It was very steep, with a huge drop, but the views were worth it. Recommended, but make sure you take maps, compass, lots of snacks & water. We will be back. It just shows what you can do, slow & steady reaches the top.

Follow all my rambling adventures here ! Next stop in 2018 Cadair Idris .

Baking to relax in Bakewell

Clandestine Cake club meets Bakewell Bakefest

We had a lovely Sheffield Clandestine cake club today at Bakewell bake fest… we were invited to bake on a theme of A Bakewell Picnic. 5 cakes and bakers plus guests had a yummy meetup & we gave a talk to the festival audience, all about the cake club & how to join. Our guests came from all sides of the Peak District, Sheffield, Sandbach, New Mills …. bearing cakes… here they are

Bakewell pudding pie cake by Karen
Pimms cake by Anna
Bakefest  audience
Mocha Cake by Rosa at Bakewell Bakefest
Cherrys Gluten free Cherry Bakewell cake
Raspberry Bakewell Cake by Sarah
Cherry’s cake
Annas Pimms cake
Rosas Mocha cake
Cherry Bakewell cake by Karen
Sheffield Cake club event at Bakewell .. we did a live talk from our event !

Baking for all Bakewell Bakefest

Lots of lovely cakes & a big thanks to all the bakers for baking & Bakewell bake fest for hosting us.

Our next meeting is Sat 23rd Sept Autumn Harvest Fruits 3 til 5 ..please book via the website

Best wishes Karen @fabcoach

Treasured Times How I set up my business at 50 + #guestblog

treasured time logo pic debbie mansfield

This month my Guest Blog is by Debbie Mansfield, of Treasured Time, who after a successful career at senior level , made a proactive choice to find a career choice that suited her , offered a lifestyle change & allowed her to pursue her dream of setting up her own business. She offers much needed support & companionship services in South Yorkshire, to help older people maintain their independence & to help their relatives enjoy being sons or daughters not just ‘carers’. ” I wanted to be able to provide people with a better quality of life by being a friendly face and providing genuine support, giving much needed respite from feelings of loneliness and isolation “. Debbie is an inspiration for those changing career at 50 plus.


Debbie says “I had worked in a Fertility Clinic in a successful position for 15 years when I made the decision to change the course of my career. A brave move some would say and others would say ‘madness’.

What made me decide to change career?

What led me to make such a decision was two-fold. The first was recovering from back surgery that left me in a lot of pain for over 3 years. I had a highly responsible job and coping with the demands of this, coupled with the aftermath of surgery was extremely challenging, and exhausting. Although I did my level best to meet all my commitments, it left me with little energy for life outside of work. Also being tied to my desk in a static position was doing me no favours, and I knew I needed a lifestyle change.

I took a 3 month break during the first year following surgery and this gave me time to consider if there was a different option to the pathway I was on. I started to do some voluntary work in the community befriending the elderly. I had worked as a nurse in my earlier career mainly in the elderly sector and I felt like a light had switched on somewhere. It was the beginning of my idea to set up a companionship business. I knew working with the elderly was what I wanted to be involved in. It took me another 18 months of trying to commit to my current job before I realised that I had to make the change happen.

I gave 6 months’ notice at the beginning of January 2017 – part to help the clinic work towards an inspection at the end of June, and part to give me time to get organized and not have to rush into developing my ideas.

How did I go about it ?

I made a list of everything I needed to research or do, and slowly began to tick things off. These included:

  • Writing up a business plan
  • Working out the hours and amount of income I would receive
  • Working out costs for business and personal needs
  • Setting out the service/s I would offer including terms and conditions
  • Building a website and maintaining it
  • Designing a flyer/and adverts
  • Drafting client information, contracts and enquiry information
  • Obtaining insurance and doing a DBS check
  • Advertising in local magazines and doing leaflet drops in select areas
  • Setting up a Facebook page
  • Sourcing an accountant
  • Making a list of networking opportunities and then following them
  • Setting up an email address for the business
  • Finally after beginning the business – registering with the HMRC

The business: Treasured Time   

treasured time logo pic debbie mansfield                                                 

I founded Treasured Time at the beginning of May 2017, because I understood the need in our communities to offer a companionship service to those who find themselves living alone without the support of a family and friends network. I wanted to be able to provide people with a better quality of life by being a friendly face and providing genuine support, giving much needed respite from feelings of loneliness and isolation.

My aim is to offer;

  • Companionship to individuals that live alone, helping them to find time for enjoyment and to enhance their daily living.
  • To work with people who need a little extra support to maintain their independence at home – even if this is on a short-term basis such as recovering from illness or hospitalization until you are back on your feet.
  • Support and help in managing some of the day-to-day issues that arise running a home, which need sorting out – paying bills, sorting out repairs and maintenance etc
  • To offer support to relatives who have a busy working life, so that they know someone is there for their loved one when they can’t be due to work or holiday commitments.

Therefore, I offer a range of services to support people in their own environment, from spending quality time with them on a one to one basis, assisting with light household duties, shopping and accompanying them to an appointment.

I am happy to say things are moving forward and I do have some clients that I help, but it has taken longer than I first expected to get going. After networking and talking to people, I now feel on the brink of making things happen. Fingers crossed all goes well.”

If you or a relative would like to talk about her service or book one of Debbies free half hour visits please call her on 07890 134656 . Her website details are below, with testimonials.

Website –

Email –

treasured time logo pic debbie mansfield