Where will we live when we retire ?

A recent report   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3168885/One-three-face-renting-retirement-2040-Millions-future-pensioners-face-later-years-properties-don-t-levels-home-ownership-plummet.html showed many people will face retirement renting or with an unpaid mortgage . It is never to early to plan ahead for your housing needs in later life , even though most of us put our head in the sand. Some forward planning would help avoid moving several times in later life and new solutions like co housing are springing up. If you already have a secure tenancy treasure it and consider your options. New tenancies are not likely to be as user friendly image

and flexible . Your right to exchange could mean a move to a better retirement base …if you research and plan ahead.

Make a Dream House shopping list NOW. write down all the features you want ,and where your ideal location with facilities in walking or bus distance are , so that when you choose not to drive you will not be marooned and lonely. think about hills, steps, levels, views, sunshine & nearness to doctors, shops, people and high speed broadband . With high speed broadband you can remain connected to everyone on line & by Skype till you finally log off.

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I am now enrolled in the University of Blogging

Now I am fully embracing a Portfolio Career in my early retirement, one of my goals is to be a better blogger so I am enrolled in the WordPress Blogging Uni …with a daily blogging challenge so you can expect to see more & interesting posts ! Let me have your feedback on next articles & format ..and your own blogging tips !


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The University of Me : Some free Tech Course links for those facing Early retirement or Redundancy

Its never to late to learn tech & apply this to your business or retirement interests. Here are some great free courses for you. Its an excellent way to spend time whilst you plan exactly what you want to do going forward. In recent years many universities have put their educational content up on line for free & as you can see the most prestigious ones like MIT also  share.
Keep a record & add these to your CV with the key points you learned . It demonstrates you are keeping your CPD up to date, and you are current.
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Social media explained

New Blog on the Block .. Retiring Disgracefully

Follow my new Blog …. My journey post 55 into the world of exciting possibilities as I plan my next 10 years leading up to #buspasscity . I aim to stay as youngimage as possible , and help you do the same , sharing my experiences and learning , trying as many new things as possible whilst building some chill time into my routine .

I will also be commenting on the world of post 55 work & how it feels to be an experienced worker viewed though the eyes of younger staff . Lots of tips on how to ace your Career in your 50’s and how to position yourself to have the best future possible . So follow me @fabcoach or @LATERLIFE on Twitter  and enjoy the ride !