Sweet Shop Favourites become delicious cakes in Sheffield

We had a festive meeting hosted by Poptastic Dave & Hilda the cat. Choc a block with festive decorations Dave made us very welcome. Our Sheffield Underground Cake Club theme for December was Sweet Shop favourites. Have a cakey Christmas .

Anne cooked a Chocolate Lime Cake. She used 10 limes between 4 in the cake sponge, 2 for the buttercream filling & 3 for the chocolate ganache topping, plus one for grating on top.  . It was deeply chocolatey and very limey !! The recipe is from the BBC Good Food website #recommended. To make the chocolate topping she heated cream gently with dark chocolate plus Lime juice & lime zest & 2.5 tablespoons of lime marmalade .

DSC00018 Chocolate lime cake Karen perkins life coach uk sheffield

Dave made a Revels cake . It was a rich chocolate cake with hidden secrets . The chocolate cake was a BeRo recipe weigh 3 eggs and add the same weight of flour, sugar, cocoa & butter .

He made 4 holes in the sponge with a cutter. He hade a sultana muffin, an orange rind muffin, a strong coffee muffin & finally a cinder toffee muffin. He dropped them into the holes & covered the whole lot with chocolate ganache.

DSC00017 Revels cake Karen perkins life coach uk sheffield

I made a Sherbet Fountain Cake. The fountains sadly no longer come in paper containers, but are sherbet & Liquorice in a plastic pot that looks like the old one.  I made a swiss roll from BBC Good food website . Follow the instructions carefully & it’s easy. When the roll had cooked, I removed the baking paper then put the sponge back on it, plus a sheet on the top. I rolled the warm roll up with a clean tea towel & left rolled up to cool ready for filling. The filling was lemon curd to give the sherbet taste … plus whipped cream. On the top I sprinkled a dusting of actual sherbet. The liquorice stick finished it off.

DSC00016 Sherbet fountain cake Karen perkins life coach uk sheffield

Here are the insides !!

Our next dates are

Sat 25th Jan       Sustainable Cakes   cakes with the lowest Carbon Footprint
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Happy New Year & see you in 2020 !!

Cakes that make you go Oooooo (not ew)

Sheffield Underground Cake Club were hosted by the brilliant Cafe called Coffee Boo on Middlewood Road next to Hillsboro corner . Our theme was cakes that people have been yummily surprised by .

Anne made a  Sticky Toffee Banoffee cake. She’d made it a few times & everyone has always said how nice it is. We agree.  Even someone who didn’t usually any like cake said ” it was out of this world “. She made a sponge & added mashed banana and milk to it to moisten it. The filling & topping was caramel carnation milk mixed with whipped double cream. #delicious


Carolynn made a vanilla ice cream drop, piñata rainbow cake. The sponge removed to create the pinyatta allowed her to add the ice cream blob . Covered with a White Chocolate ganache, she added pink colouring to the ganache to make the drips. She practiced on a cup before icing the cake. She had been given a set of 5 small cake tins to specifically make a rainbow cake .. so you can cook all the layers at the same time. Lakeland sell them or maybe ask Carolyn for a sustainable lend !

Raheel made a flourless, salted Chocolate and Pretzel cake, from a Donna Haigh recipe. He explained that he whipped the egg whites to peaks. He mixed the yolks into hot melted Choc then added in the egg whites with a metal spoon ( essential to ensure no loss of aeration) The cake is flourless ! Top with pretzels. The texture was like a mousse/squishy brownie.

Dave made a  White Chocolate Coconut Fig and Almond cake . Invented when he created  a different cake each day for a school during their Ofsted inspection. They must have got #outstanding He added sugar lump sized cubes of marzipan, cloves ,cardamom & flaked almonds. The topping was cream cheese melted white chocolate and coconut milk. Topped with sliced figs ..a great healthy way to add a design touch to a cake.


I made a Cardamom Spice Cake . I soaked the raisins in boiling water & dark rum, but alcohol free would be just as delicious. I added ground ginger, cinnamon, mixed spice & light brown sugar to the sponge mix. Then added in the drained fruit, with a little flour to stop it sinking to the bottom of the cake. The topping was butter, icing sugar & ground cardamom powder , around 1 – 1.5 teaspoons. It makes a great frosting. Topped with roast hazelnuts. You could add crystallised or fresh ginger instead of ginger powder.

Here are the inside views of our cakes :

Thanks to Maria, Mo & MJ at Coffee Boo. They had a delicious menu & the lattes arrived in beautiful large cups !

Our next meeting dates :
Sat 14th Dec       Sweet Shop Favourites
Sat 25th Jan
Sat 22nd Feb
Sat 18th April
Sat 23rd May
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Autumn Cakes : Feeling #Autumnish with Sheffield Underground Cake Club

We were beautifully hosted by Gerrys Bakery in Walkley, Sheffield today. Fabulous coffee, local produce & cheeses, breads & pastries baked on the premises, plus baking courses. 6 bakers & their cakes arrived & were introduced to all his customers ! DSC09962 Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Here are our cakes

DSC09945 Plum hazelnut choc cake Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Karens Hazlenut, Plum & Dark chocolate Cake. Has ground hazlenut & chopped plums in the sponge , plus vegan chocolate pieces. I used a pestle & mortar to grind the hazelnuts so they were rough chopped but it gave a great flavour. I kept back 4 plums & halved them to top the cake before baking , followed by 2 tablespoons of whole hazelnuts.  From the BBC Good Food website . It’s an all in one cake so very easy & tastes even better the next day. I will certainly make this again & also try other fruits.

DSC09948 Streusel Clare Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Clares Mincemeat & Almond Streusel . Good for New Year as it uses up left over mincemeat, orange juice & brandy.

DSC09949 Honey cake Sian Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Sians Honey cake is from James Martins French Trip programme. All in one cake, which you ice with honey icing whilst still warm, to give a sort of mirror glaze.

DSC09954 Carolynn Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Carolynns Toffee Apple Crumble cake with custard buttercream . This cake had 2 different sponge layers. The base cake has apple & brown sugar topping, the top cake has apples chopped in & topped with crumble topping. Tip ..cool the cake..including the centre before putting the filling in !! Delicious filling tho.

DSC09951Raheel Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Raheels Sticky Toffee cake was from the Thermomix Cookbook. This is a gadget for all in one cooking. He mixed butter, dark muscovado sugar eggs etc for the toffee sponge. The toffee butter cream was for the coating & 4 layers of filling. The toffee sauce was made from double cream, muscovado & butter. It made a delicious toffee puddle round the cake.

DSC09952 Dave whole Sheffield underground cake club Autumn karen perkins lifecoach uk

Dave made a Toffee Apple Hazelnut Cake . It had some mystery ingredients ..Duck eggs & smoked sea salt. He used buttermilk to raise the cake … but doesn’t advise that as it overrose from the trays !! It took 2.5 hours to cook but tasted savoury, sticky & delicious.

Here are the insides & cakey evidence


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Deliciously Decorated by Sheffield Underground Cake club

At the weekend we met up for our cake club at Drew Décor Store on Ecclesall Road at Banner Cross . We were hosted by interiors expert & cake lover Suzanne Drew. Our cakes were inspired by the beautiful wallpapers . We believe this is the worlds first cake & wallpaper pairing event. We ate most of the evidence. Many thanks to Suzanne who was a marvellous host providing lashings of tea & lemonade.

DSC09882 Misty cake Drews décor

Here are our pairings:

Karen made a sugarfree Lemon, matcha & cardomom cake with poached lemon slices to match the citrus wallpaper , plus sharp lemon syrup to drizzle over the top.

DSC09863DSC09864 Karen perkins life coach lemon cake

Dave designed a bespoke tin of paint cake called  Drewlux in hommage to the paint displays & R Drew Decorator. A rich fruit cake from his  BeRo cookbook, a family heirloom. It had sultanas, ginger& glace cherries. 2 cakes sandwiched together with lemon curd. With fondant icing & ready to use writing icing paint drips. The letters were cut with toyshop letters.

DSC09869 Karen perkins life coach paint tin cake drews cake


DSC09868 Karen perkins life coach underground cake club

Anne made a delicious fresh raspberry cake. It’s a Raspberry Velvet cake, made with American measurements . She added buttermilk, and fresh raspberries . The icing had fresh raspberries in it with icing sugar & butter.

DSC09878 Raspberry cake Karen perkins life coach

Vicky made a delicious Flower themed Victoria sponge with 3 layers sandwiched with jam, and covered with lemon butter cream under fondant icing. On the fondant icing she drizzled candy melts to show the petals as drips. Candy melts are coloured buttons melted in the microwave. She made the petals on greaseproof paper & rolled them around a rolling pin to shape them.

DSC09881Karen perkins life coach Vicky cake with wallpaper


Here are the cakey interiors and a photo of my new patented Sheffield Cake knife which I found at the Nether Edge Yard Sale trail in Sheffield.

Next we have some of the lovely wallpaper on show …

DSC09865Karen perkins life coach orange wallpaperDSC09867 Karen perkins life coach pink wallpaperDSC09873 Trees Karen perkins life coach cakeDSC09880 for Vicky flower cake drews decor

Once again thanks to Suzanne …. if you like the cakes join us

Sat 19th Oct
Sat 23rd Nov
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Suzanne is holding a talk with Cole & Sons from London follow the link

Check out “An evening with Cole & Son about their history & their latest collection” https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/an-evening-with-cole-son-about-their-history-their-latest-collection-tickets-72766286923?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=estw&utm-source=tw&utm-term=listing @EventbriteUK

Karen Perkins is a Life , Business & Career coach who runs Sheffield Underground Cake club. www.karenperkinslifecoach.co.uk

The Sheffield Underground Cake club visit Stannington Carnival

We were invited by Stannington Carnival committee to judge the annual Cake competition. We combined it with our regular Underground Cake Club meeting on a theme of Tasty Carnival cakes.

stannington 2019 cake comp

We gathered in a shady gazebo, next to the park pavilion, with teas & coffee.
Here are the competition cakes and results :

1   1st in the Taste over 18’s Category was Rod’s Rhubarb & Custard cake
Fresh, tasty, moist rhubarb sponge with custard topping.
Ron Taste Competition winner Stannington carnival 2019 karen perkins life coach Underground cake club 8 DSC09838
Mention too, to Zoe Hewitts delicious dark chocolate mud cake !

2      1st in the Taste under 18’s Category Rebecca Naylor
Fab work, beautiful moist with deep flavour of pistachio and chocolate topping. ” A future baking star ”


3      1st in the Once Upon a Time category  was Rebecca Naylor , deservedly claiming her 2nd award of the day.
Coffee and hazelnut deliciousness, fondant icing perfectly flat with handmade rose in sugarwork. ” A beauty of a cake ”

The cakes made by Underground Cake club members were also non competitively super delicious. Cake club member Raheel & his daughter also helped judge.  After the judging we had tea and cake & shared our offerings ! Lots of people came to the stand to look at the cakes & made donations to the Carnival fund. They helped us demolish all the cake, except the winning ones that were kindly donated to a local nominated homelessness support organisation.

Here are the individual cakes :
Clares Victoria Sponge with fresh cream & homemade raspberry jam, made on the day, & still warm, from raspberries from her garden. She said that as she was baking other treats at the same time , opening and shutting the oven made her sponge rise slightly less than usual. We didn’t notice #yummy .
Clare Victoria sponge Stannington carnival 2019 karen perkins life coach 5 DSC09836

Karens Cranberry, Lemon & White Chocolate Gluten free, Dairy free sponge , with fresh raspberries & lemon zest topping.

cranberry and white chocolate Stannington carnival 2019 karen perkins life coach Underground cake club 3 DSC09831

Daves Carnival cake with a secret surprise . It weighed 7lbs … and was made with vegetarian stork margarine, 12 eggs . The icing is from a 1983 recipe of his nans. He sandwiched the layers with apricot jam , as in previous versions, using the icing meant the layers slid off at an alarming un predictable rate !! It was very popular with the carnival volunteers too.

Dave Carnival cake Stannington carnival 2019 karen perkins life coach Underground cake club 6 DSC09837

Vicky made a delicious Lemon & Poppyseed cake ,with buttermilk in the sponge . The light delicate icing was 1/2 mascarpone, 1/2 cream cheese  so a slightly less sweet foil to the lemony cake . The rest of the topping went on a tiramisu #multitasking .

Vicky Lemon & Poppyseed Stannington carnival 2019 karen perkins life coach Underground cake club 4 DSC09835Thanks to Stannington for hosting us …we all went away with cakey tips & lots of interesting books from the bookstall .

Join us at out next meeting Sept  21st 2.30 to 4.30   Deliciously decorated ! Then Oct 19th 2-4 .

Baking GF cakes as part of Walkley Victorian Festival

We met on a hot sunny day, in the cool calm bookish sereneness that is Walkley Community Library , our hosts. We had chosen Gluten free cakes as our theme as quite a few members had requested this . The Victorian bit was part of the Walkley Festival.

Here are our cakes


My Caraway, White chocolate & lemon cake was moist , with a crunchy exterior from the chocolate & the GF flour. I added the juice & zest of a lemon as GF flour can sometimes be dry. The white chocolate was GF and dairy free too.


Daves Victorian caraway cake , with angelica topping, had a tablespoon of caraway seeds to give it that traditional taste. Angelica is a typical Victorian decoration. With buttercream fillin & icing topping..this cake was made with GF Quinoa flour ( from Atkinsons in Sheffield) which tasted just like flour !! He recommends a tablespoon of ground almonds to perk up a sponge . We all agreed !


Annes Victorian, Gluten Free Dorset Apple cake using GF flour plus 25g of ground almonds , mixed spice, apples, sultanas, ginger & butter. Topped with crunchy demerara sugar.


Sians delicious Pear & Ginger cake almonds sugar & eggs … no flour … with a crispy caramel topping that emerges through the bake.


Clare made Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie cake. Vegan chocolate, butter & ground almonds … so no flour. V moist & chocolatey. Topped with homegrown Raspberries & Strawberries.


Join our future non competitive Bake offs at Sheffield Underground Cake Club

July 13th we are judging Stannington Carnivals Cake competition .
August we take a break.

Sat 21st Sept the theme is Deliciously Decorated cakes somewhere near Banner Cross.

Sat 19th Oct Theme to follow   2 til 4 approx.

See you all there … do send me venues & theme suggestions .We have a FB page & group too

Best wishes
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Rhubarb & Ginger cakes with the Underground Cake Club

We were hosted this weekend by the lovely Rhubarb Shed Cafe off Manor Lane, Sheffield. 4 bakers produced 4 totally different interpretations of the theme. All yummy !

DSC09789 karen perkins life coach underground cake club rhubarb 2DSC09790 karen perkins life coach underground cake club rhubarb 3 bee homeDSC09794 karen perkins life coach underground cake club rhubarb 4 custard cake

Above is my rhubarb and custard cake. I roasted the rhubarb with sugar in advance , let it cool and drained off the syrup to use with the cake later. The recipe was from the Good Food Magazine. The all in one cake mix includes ready made custard, and I layered the rhubarb & blobs of custard into the mix before baking. Serve warm.

DSC09795 apple and rhubarb karen perkins life coach underground cake club rhubarb 4

Annes Rhubarb, apple and ginger cake was made with crystallised ginger, golden syrup, lots of apples and rhubarb. It was from the BBC Good food website.

DSC09796 karen perkins life coach underground cake club rhubarb 5

Danis Apple Honey & Ginger was made with mostly honey in an all in one batter. She used powdered ginger and this gave a lovely parkin type sticky ginger taste. It had a honey glaze, and was from Waitrose recipe cards.

DSC09797 karen perkins life coach underground cake club rhubarb and ginger 6

Claire made a Rhubarb and Ginger cake , with 400g of homegrown rhubarb plus lots of cinnamon, topped with almonds.

DSC09799 karen perkins life coach underground cake club rhubarb inside 8DSC09800karen perkins life coach underground cake club rhubarb inside ginger 9DSC09802 karen perkins life coach underground cake club rhubarb 9 annesDSC09804 karen perkins life coach underground cake club rhubarb 10

The cafe has a large car park & is next to the Art studios at Manor Oaks . They do afternoon teas too ! We will be returning.

Join our next events

June 29th 10.30 as part of the Walkley Festival  Gluten Free cakes
July  13th We are meeting at Stannington Carnival … 2 til 3.45. You can enter their cake competition or be a judge with Karen & Claire .
No cake club planned yet for August.
Sept 21st   Theme is Decorative Cakes …near Banner Cross … theme info to follow.

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Enjoy your baking !!