The Sheffield Underground Cake club visit Stannington Carnival

We were invited by Stannington Carnival committee to judge the annual Cake competition. We combined it with our regular Underground Cake Club meeting on a theme of Tasty Carnival cakes.

stannington 2019 cake comp

We gathered in a shady gazebo, next to the park pavilion, with teas & coffee.
Here are the competition cakes and results :

1   1st in the Taste over 18’s Category was Rod’s Rhubarb & Custard cake
Fresh, tasty, moist rhubarb sponge with custard topping.
Ron Taste Competition winner Stannington carnival 2019 karen perkins life coach Underground cake club 8 DSC09838
Mention too, to Zoe Hewitts delicious dark chocolate mud cake !

2      1st in the Taste under 18’s Category Rebecca Naylor
Fab work, beautiful moist with deep flavour of pistachio and chocolate topping. ” A future baking star ”


3      1st in the Once Upon a Time category  was Rebecca Naylor , deservedly claiming her 2nd award of the day.
Coffee and hazelnut deliciousness, fondant icing perfectly flat with handmade rose in sugarwork. ” A beauty of a cake ”

The cakes made by Underground Cake club members were also non competitively super delicious. Cake club member Raheel & his daughter also helped judge.  After the judging we had tea and cake & shared our offerings ! Lots of people came to the stand to look at the cakes & made donations to the Carnival fund. They helped us demolish all the cake, except the winning ones that were kindly donated to a local nominated homelessness support organisation.

Here are the individual cakes :
Clares Victoria Sponge with fresh cream & homemade raspberry jam, made on the day, & still warm, from raspberries from her garden. She said that as she was baking other treats at the same time , opening and shutting the oven made her sponge rise slightly less than usual. We didn’t notice #yummy .
Clare Victoria sponge Stannington carnival 2019 karen perkins life coach 5 DSC09836

Karens Cranberry, Lemon & White Chocolate Gluten free, Dairy free sponge , with fresh raspberries & lemon zest topping.

cranberry and white chocolate Stannington carnival 2019 karen perkins life coach Underground cake club 3 DSC09831

Daves Carnival cake with a secret surprise . It weighed 7lbs … and was made with vegetarian stork margarine, 12 eggs . The icing is from a 1983 recipe of his nans. He sandwiched the layers with apricot jam , as in previous versions, using the icing meant the layers slid off at an alarming un predictable rate !! It was very popular with the carnival volunteers too.

Dave Carnival cake Stannington carnival 2019 karen perkins life coach Underground cake club 6 DSC09837

Vicky made a delicious Lemon & Poppyseed cake ,with buttermilk in the sponge . The light delicate icing was 1/2 mascarpone, 1/2 cream cheese  so a slightly less sweet foil to the lemony cake . The rest of the topping went on a tiramisu #multitasking .

Vicky Lemon & Poppyseed Stannington carnival 2019 karen perkins life coach Underground cake club 4 DSC09835Thanks to Stannington for hosting us …we all went away with cakey tips & lots of interesting books from the bookstall .

Join us at out next meeting Sept  21st 2.30 to 4.30   Deliciously decorated ! Then Oct 19th 2-4 .

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