Baking GF cakes as part of Walkley Victorian Festival

We met on a hot sunny day, in the cool calm bookish sereneness that is Walkley Community Library , our hosts. We had chosen Gluten free cakes as our theme as quite a few members had requested this . The Victorian bit was part of the Walkley Festival.

Here are our cakes


My Caraway, White chocolate & lemon cake was moist , with a crunchy exterior from the chocolate & the GF flour. I added the juice & zest of a lemon as GF flour can sometimes be dry. The white chocolate was GF and dairy free too.


Daves Victorian caraway cake , with angelica topping, had a tablespoon of caraway seeds to give it that traditional taste. Angelica is a typical Victorian decoration. With buttercream fillin & icing topping..this cake was made with GF Quinoa flour ( from Atkinsons in Sheffield) which tasted just like flour !! He recommends a tablespoon of ground almonds to perk up a sponge . We all agreed !


Annes Victorian, Gluten Free Dorset Apple cake using GF flour plus 25g of ground almonds , mixed spice, apples, sultanas, ginger & butter. Topped with crunchy demerara sugar.


Sians delicious Pear & Ginger cake almonds sugar & eggs … no flour … with a crispy caramel topping that emerges through the bake.


Clare made Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie cake. Vegan chocolate, butter & ground almonds … so no flour. V moist & chocolatey. Topped with homegrown Raspberries & Strawberries.


Join our future non competitive Bake offs at Sheffield Underground Cake Club

July 13th we are judging Stannington Carnivals Cake competition .
August we take a break.

Sat 21st Sept the theme is Deliciously Decorated cakes somewhere near Banner Cross.

Sat 19th Oct Theme to follow   2 til 4 approx.

See you all there … do send me venues & theme suggestions .We have a FB page & group too

Best wishes




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