Veganuary Cake with Sheffield Underground Cake Club

We had a fab time baking our #Veganuary Cakes at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield who hosted our bakers. We had 8 Vegan cakes to try. Lots of lattes & cups of tea to help us try them all & even take a slice each home. Everyone introduces themselves , their cake & what they learned baking it … plus tips for all.

Annes cake was a Lemon Tender Cake …from a Nigella recipe. Coconut milk , lemon zest & juice went into the cake. Topping was coconut milk yoghurt & vanilla essence plus icing sugar. Home made blueberry compote on top.

anne lemon & blueberry cake sheffield underground cake club karen perkins life coachdsc09741

A delicious dairy free Bakewell Tart cake , made with ground almonds, almond milk, fresh raspberries & toasted almonds. Made by Michelle.

sheffield underground cake club bakewell tart vegan cake karen perkins life coachdsc09744

Clare cooked chocolate vegan cake form Blue Moon Cafe, Sheffields cookbook. Her friends renamed it Brownie cake as it tasted like brownie #yummy .

sheffield underground cake club d chocolate brownie cake karen perkins life coachdsc09743

Karens cake was a moist chocolate effort. Both the cake batter & the frosting were made in a food processor, and both had a whole avocado blitzed in, instead of the butter & cream you would use in a non vegan cake. The batter had oil & hot soya milk whipped with cocoa too.

sheffield underground cake club d karen chocolate cake cut karen perkins life coachdsc09753

Dave ( of Poptastic Dave fame ) made a vegan chocolate cake. He started by adapting a Victoria Sponge, replacing eggs with avocado & half & half gluten free flour & ground rice/semolina. With 70% cocoa too.

sheffield underground cake club dave chocolate karen perkins life coach dsc09739

Hilary made a Lemon Cake, with lots of fresh lemon juice & zest. She noticed that it took much longer to cook than her usual recipe.

sheffield underground cake club hilar lemon cake vegan karen perkins life coachdsc09740

Karen W made a Cranberry & Orange cake , with orange juice, soya milk & oil, flour & sugar. Fresh cranberries too. It too took ” ages ” to cook … and was still warm when we tried it  #yummy

sheffield underground cake club karen w cranberry vegan karen perkins life coachdsc09746

Sian made her first vegan Victoria Sponge cake with dairy free buttercream & fresh strawberries. The sponge had almond milk & oil instead of eggs. The recipe was in the Tesco food magazine.

sheffield underground cake club strawberry victoria sponge sian karen perkins life coachdsc09742

Some pictures of the cut cakes !


Join us for the next events

Sat Feb 23rd          Passion Cakes          2.30 to 4.30
Sat March 23rd    Cakes of Europe       2.30 till 4.30 TBC
More to follow … any theme or venue suggestions very welcome

See you all soon
Karen   Follow us on Facebook @undergroundcakeclub


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