Baking for Stannington Carnival with Sheffield Underground Cake Club

Fabulous day today as Sheffield Underground Cake club members were invited by Stannington Carnival, to hold a cake club … and to judge the Carnival Baking Competition. Thanks to Anna & Danny for inviting us & setting up our cool gazebo.DSC09303.JPG

Here are the entries. The winner of the Best Tasting for Under 16’s was Jacob with his Strawberry Gateau ( left ) with highly commended Jam Tarts traffic lights by Ash.

Winner of the Best Tasting for over 16’s was Rod whose daughter , a Stannington local had persuaded him to submit his Almond & Apple cake. ( Front left ), closely followed by Annes Gooseberry & Elderflower cake

Winner of best Pun cake ( tho’ it was very difficult to separate them ) was the Chocolate Brown E .  We also had a Carrot Southcake a Les Miser-marbles Cake, Cha Millionaires Shortbread , Pineuptial Upside Down Cake, Jam Tart traffic lights.

Our Undergreound cake club cakes were baked to a Carnivale Theme.


Karens cake was a lemon & homegrown fruit cake. Full or gooseberries, blackcurrants and blueberries , with lemon icing & blueberry topping.
Annes Lemonade cake had lemon zest in the sponge plus a syrup of lemonade & lemon juice. Icing was delicious with lemon juice , butter & lemon sherbet.
Dannis Pimms cake was Victoria Sponge with orange zest & Pimms syrup with orange juice. The filling was fresh strawberries & mascarpone cream with a bit of fresh orange juice.

We had quite a few people say they were interested in joining Sheffield Underground Cake club. We meet every month to bake to a theme, in a mystery location. Contact me to join via @fabcoach on Twitter or Insta or Follow us on Undergroundcakeclub Facebook page

We are always looking for cafes or venues to host our cakes …let me know if you would like to get involved ! Next event will be in September …date to follow

Best wishes Karen Perkins

Here are more photos from the Carnival Competition.


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