3 ways to use Nostalgia to manage anxiety


When you feel anxious or are stressed about something take 5 minutes out to tap into the healing power of Nostalgia.

1 Close your eyes … imagine a place or time when you felt happy, safe, free & in the moment. Maybe when you were a child , on a hot sandy beach paddling & sniffing the sea breeze or vinegar on hot chips.

2 Try & recall all the activities you enjoyed, remember the smells & tastes .. cheese and onion crisps , candy floss maybe . Visualise the scenery , recall happy or inspiring conversations . The smell of cut grass takes me back to warm, relaxing summer days.

3 Savour the moment, give yourself a hug or squeeze your hands , tell yourself how much you enjoyed remembering …. and open your eyes . come slowly back into today & take that happy feeling with you.

Please do share your favourite nostalgic places & how they make you feel.

Best wishes


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