Spring Cakes … baking with the Archer Project in Sheffield

Sheffield CCC baked Spring Cakes for The Archer Project in Sheffield Cathedral 1554 Cafe
April 21, 2018 4:15 pm | By Karen Join Sheffield Clandestine cake club & bake with us to relax.
Today Sheffield CCC bakers baked Spring Cakes with donations to the Sheffield Archer Project We met Emily Bowes from the project in Café 1554 .

Delicious Spring cakes .

Top left Carolyns Japanese Cherry Blossom Citrus cake with fresh lemon and buttercream frosting . Lemon and lime drizzle. Next Dannis Lemon Elderflower & Mascarpone Cream Layer cake.
Middle Annes Rhubarb & Orange Drizzle cake with semolina & buttermilk. Bottom Right Karens Poached Rhubarb Syrup sponge cake with Rhubarb Syrup & ground almonds.
The Archer Project supports local Homeless people. They have dedicated medical staff, training, computer access & postal address support. They work with people to help them move confidently into voluntary, then paid work. The Just Works scheme runs contract work to provide employment opportunities. Printed by us works with Sheffield Artists and trains people to print & run creative businesses . Kickback Recovery helps support people recovering from addiction.
Thanks for hosting and explaining all about the project.
Our next event is Sat 26th May Cakes from famous Chefs Cookbooks. 10.30 til 12.30 … books for sale too. Plenty of space so guests welcome. Leave time to park …on street parking , but not directly outside venue. Any questions please contact Karen 07971881251


It’s Christmas in Sheffield my Deer !
In “Sheffield”

Isle of Man – Spring has Sprung
In “Isle of Man”


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