Cakes made with Tea Sheffield Clandestine cake club

This months event nearly ended in disaster when I turned up at the venue 30 minutes before the event to find that the lovely Tea cafe & deli was shut up & the host had been rushed to hospital. Quick thinking … we nipped across the road to Bessies Cafe, & like you do, enquired if they could help us out with 15 minutes notice. Fantastic business nous …the chef said ‘ Yes’ so our bakers trooped in ! They do lovely latte too. Thanks to Chef Charly & to Tom who was looking after the cafe for Bessie who was on honeymoon.

Here are our cakes on a theme of Tea. As usual we had some stunning tastes, each one different !


Charly & Tom from Bessies cafe, 984 Abbeydale Road , Sheffield.


Cherrys Darjeeling Tea cake was gluten free with ground almonds & pear . Darjeeling syrup was infused into the cream filling.


Ruths Earl Grey & Lavender cake had a butter cream filling made with 2 egg whites made into a meringue & then added to butter. She researched Lavender & found that all varieties are edible .


My Bara Brith, was from a recipe a the Hairy Bikers mum. It was deep brown, but not burnt. No fat , just fruit soaked overnight in tea & demarera sugar, added to self raising flour & egg , with mixed spice powder.


Annes Chocolate Chai cake , was made with Vanilla Chai tea, ground almonds & cardamom.


Danni brought her granni Mary , who had a fabulous time & went home laden with cakey treats ! Danni made a London Fog cake based on a Canadian recipe using Earl Gray Latte. It used earl grey, ground to a powder in the cake. She drizzled an earl grey syrup onto the sponge cake which made it very moist. The filling was lemon curd & fresh cream.


Ness made a Masala Chai & Earl grey cake from Fiona Cairns book. Fiona made Will & Kates wedding cake. Earl grey teabags infused with spices, cardamom,ginger & milk made a moist sponge. She used fresh root ginger in the tea infusion, ground ginger in the sponge & chopped stem ginger plus its syrup, in the topping.


Sarah with min helper Violet, made Masala Chai cake from Chetnas book from last years Bakeoff. Ground cloves & chai with whipped cream topping.


Michelle made deep moist Black Tea cake with Honey Buttercream frosting.


Stan made a patisserie standard Assam Tea cake , from an American website. He used buttermilk & 7/8ths flour , a mixture of plain flour & 1/8 cornflour, with a creme custard filling. He lightly sprayed the top with edible gold spray.


Suzy D made a rosewater cake, using melted butter technology & Pollards rose tea, with added edible rose oil for flavour.


dsc06771 dsc06772

Here are some pictures of the interiors of our cakes !

dsc06775 dsc06777 dsc06778 dsc06779 dsc06780 dsc06781 dsc06782 dsc06784

Once again massive thanks to Bessies Cafe

Our next Sheffield CCC meeting is Animal crackers Sat 22nd Oct …then 19th Nov & 10th December .

Please contact Karen Perkins with any enquiries


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