Baking down on Whirlow Farm #Sheffield

With Sheffield Clandestine cake Club ! Join us for our monthly events .

Thanks to Whirlow Farm Trust & Schani , plus the volunteers who made us so welcome. We baked cakes to the theme of Down on the Farm .


Farmhouse Apple & Sultana Cake . Anns cake had ginger , coriander,cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and granulated sugar sprinked on top to crisp.DSC06472


Farmhouse Cake & Cherry Cake with @poptasticdave DSC06473

The l.h. cake was from Mary Berry age 40 Honey & Cherry cake made with half ground almonds & half pain flour to make it light.

Daves second cake was a Yorkshire TV 70’s farmhouse fruit cake, where ingredients are warmed in a pan first then combined. Massive quantities in the recipe hence he only brought half the cake !


Pigs in the Mud cake by Michelle.  Home made pink fondant piggies plus chocolate frosting and a choccy sponge cake . The fondant is a #GBBO special with marshmallows & icing sugar .DSC06474


Sugar free Carrot cake by Becky . Brilliant sugar free with spice, cream cheese & orange frosting, lots of grated carrot & almonds instead of sugar , plus lots of egg .. light as a feather .



Cow Pat cake   Chocolate sponge cake with ground almond & organic cocoa from Karen. Hot weather & ganache are tricky, so the topping had to be put back on the cake as it set & slid off !! DSC06476


Whirlow Farm Trust provides farm holidays & experiences for kids & teens from all over Sheffield & N Derbyshire , and young people with a learning disability. They need £300,000 a year to keep providing this amazing service. They teach animal husbandry, viticulture, fruit growing & farming skills. They also host events , weddings, training, and meetings. They have a cafe & farm shop, plus a training center you can hire rooms in . They are always looking for more volunteers !


Two lovely volunteers sampling the cakes !!


Our next event is BakeWell Baking Festival Sun 14th Aug. Book on the CCC website, bring a reciept for your entry ticket to the event & get a refund of a day ticket if you bake / come as a guest. Sheffield CCC are doing a baking demo, then we are having a Cake Club to the theme of bakewell cakes . See you there !

Karen Perkins


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