My art holiday in Sheffield

Lots of ideas on how to make a start in art, in the run up to retirement or just to relax as you have to work till 67.


This year I had an unexpectedly brilliant 2 weekends on Art Holiday in Sheffield with @arpzen . We followed the Open Up Sheffield festival brochure , and discovered that the biannual  Art Sheffield event coincided. This is the pictorial story & highlights of my art discovery over 5 days and 17 miles of walking across Sheffield & the Peak District. The most interesting facts I discovered were

  • Sheffield has the highest number of artists per Km sq in the UK, outside of London
  • You can rent studio share space from as little as £57 a month incl heating
  • Its easy to just start up as an artist or creative in small steps
  • Sheffield artists open up their studios with tea & cake & arty insights
  • I can still throw a pot after 25 years !!

kristen baggeley open up sea pic Kristen Baggeley Cornwall

open up  lyn littlewood Outseats hathersage Lynn Littlewood Outseats Hathersage


Fenella Nobles chicken wire creatures

open up sue lancaster Sue Lancaster Stitchedup…

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