#Glutenfree Me !! My 2 weeks glutenfree challenge.

For the last few weeks I have been doing a gluten free challenge for a BBC 2 programme with Prof Alice Roberts. I have been following a gluten free diet to see how practical it is to do this & to see if it made any difference to my general wellbeing. I enjoyed the challenge , but reading detailed food labels was a shocker, so much added or hidden sugar, whey, milk & gluten. The programme in April will explain more .. here are some of my gluten free culinary adventures. I met a lovely group of people in the filming ! @nibblypig the Sheffield food blogger , lots of foodies & food start ups, and teachers, nurses & wellbeing workers keen to find out more about how changes in diet can improve your daily life.

ros glutenfree dr alice 4
Gluten Free with BBC2
Gluten Free lemon Polenta cake
Gluten Free lemon Polenta cake, walking at Curbar  in Derbyshire
Jollys Glutenfree Lemon & Polenta
Jollys Gluten-free Lemon & Polenta
My first gluten free breccie
Breakfast with the mystery ingredient
Gluten free First shop
My First Gluten Free shopping trip
Gluten free Advice
What can I eat ? #tips
Gluten free Caulifower Cheese
Eeek Gluten-Free Cauliflower Cheese
Gluten free porridge breccie
Another Gluten free lie in !
My Birthday Glutenfree Brownie
Birthday Gluten Free Brownie at Seven Hills Bakery
Gluten free Soba sirloin & Veg at Wagamama
Gluten free Birthday meal at Wagamama Leeds
Healthy Cakes Courgette
Healthy Cakes Courgette & Lime #glutenfree Clandestine Cake Club
My first non gluten free Breccie
First post challenge breccie with #realtoast

We all met up again for the second filming session in La Revolution de Cuba in Sheffield , and to share our gluten free experiences. These will be revealed on BBC2 sometime in April 2016.

I am glad it has finished & I can return to my usual diet, but I have realised how easy it is to get gluten free food like stock cubes, bread and cakes. Cooking from scratch helps you be gluten free & I will be taking more care to avoid processed foods in future !

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