Make major changes one at a time !

Over the holidays many of us have been sharing our experiences of change and opportunities brought by retirement be it early or via redundancy. It’s an exciting time , but my greatest learning has been to manage the big changes one by one , so not changing job & moving house at the same time , choosing each change in order & being kind to yourself by not piling on extra pressure. Having a coach or buddy to help motivate is brilliant as is keeping a diary or log of your goals , progress & importantly how you FELT along the way. imageEach day , week and month, go back & re visit your achievements. I recommend an annual review of life or business  followed by goal setting for the year ! It’s very motivating to see what you have achieved. Another tip ..go back over your year of photos and surprise yourself with what you actually did. Coaching tasters available via

Happy 2016 from Karen .


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