Archer Project Fundraising Supper

On Thursday evening Hydra creative & friends hosted a Homelessness  awareness raising  fundraising supper & cookery demo in aid of the Archer Project in Sheffield .

Amy Dixon wrote to everyone who had attended to say a big THANK YOU to all attendees. She said   “Firstly we had a HUGE pile of donations on the table, ranging from sleeping bags to clothing to food!! It’s great to know that these will be given out to homeless people, and they will feel a little less cold this weekend, all because of your kindness and generosity.

Secondly we managed to raise £1850 in cash for the Archer Project which is a fantastic result for everyone involved and I’m so over the moon with how much that will help the Archer Project achieve!

Lastly, we have raised a fantastic amount of awareness! There were many people in the room last night (including myself) who just didn’t realise how important it is to have somewhere for homeless people to go to have a hot meal, a hot shower and a hot drink – all of the things that we take for granted. By raising awareness like we did last night, over social media, in the press and by word of mouth, we can all work together to make this project stronger!

With the help of Vinny, Nando’s are kindly donating their leftover food to the project for the next two years!! ”

Vinny spoke about his experiences as a young adult of how it was & how it  felt to be homeless . Thanks to Vinny.

We had some amazing food created & served by Sheffield College catering students in the Sparkes College restaurant . We had a demo of how to make the chocolate mousse cake before supper.  Here are some pictures of the food. The CEO of the Archer project welcomed diners some of whom had used & subsequently found employment at the project. He urged everyone to enjoy the event & celebrate everyones aspiration & right to enjoy dignity & some nice things in life whatever their current circumstances .


The menu.

Yummy !

The Archer Project need your donations & they post updates regularly on what they need so drop them in when you are in town, just behind the Cathedral .

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