Tea Discovery with Bird House Tea Company

We had an enlightening talk about tea blending and how a Sheffield mother & daughter became hooked on loose leaf tea, and ethically sourced ingredients to make their own Sheffield, Peak District and Yorkshire ranges. We tried the smoky Kelham Island with lapsang souchon & Darjeeling flavours. A Bakewell pudding inspired vanilla, almond and raspberry tea, a Coast blend of lemongrass, ginger, and lemon peel followed. Finally a caffeine free Rhubarb and other herbs blend , which would be delicious hot or iced.

They told us how all the names and blends came about & that they want to stay ‘local’ and supply Yorkshire (loud applause) from the @breadandrosesWI members .

Big thanks …. I will be giving loose leaf teas a go now I have more time to let the flavours brew. They have a tea house at Nether Edge in the old post office, where you can watch them blending. Follow them on Twitter @birdhouseteaco or  http://www.birdhouseteacompany.com

image image


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